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One in eight Kenyans are unable to access healthcare due to the cost of care.

Mamlaka Health solves this problem by providing affordable, high quality medical care to all Kenyans, through our network of doctor-run clinics.

Our vision over the next ten years is to establish one hundred clinics across the country and bring high quality affordable healthcare to the communities that need it most.

our story

In Kenya, there is huge disparity in the quality of healthcare available. Seeing a qualified medical doctor is for most Kenyans, the exception not the rule. Armed with a deep conviction that there must be a better way to deliver quality healthcare to all people, the journey of Mamlaka Health began.

Dr Franklin Ndirangu and Dr Evans Osembo were classmates at Moi University School of Medicine in the graduating class of 2001. Both doctors have worked in mission hospitals, government facilities and high-end private hospitals. Through their experiences, Dr Ndirangu and Dr Osembo found that cost was the biggest barrier to people accessing quality healthcare.

Mamlaka Health was founded with a commitment to redefining healthcare by establishing innovative, efficient and cost effective services that guarantee that the highest level of medical care is accessible to all Kenyans. Our first clinic was launched in 2014 and we have a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, laboratory technologists, pharmaceutical technologists, imaging scientists, administrative and supportive staff who are committed to delivering the highest quality of care.

what we do

Our vision is to redefine healthcare in Africa and beyond.

We believe in an Africa where everyone can access quality healthcare. In Kenya, we are solving this problem by setting up medical centres that offer affordable, comprehensive outpatient services.


We are establishing comprehensive one-stop centres, designed to have doctors as the primary health providers. Each centre has a well-equipped laboratory, pharmacy, and imaging services. We have incorporated a strong health promotion and disease prevention approach. We focus on healthy lifestyles and community health education.

The location of each centre is carefully chosen to make sure our services are at the doorstep of the communities with the greatest need.

The Pioneer Medical Centre was launched in Kenlands Nakuru in September 2014 and we are preparing to open new centers in 2015.

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